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Fatal Error when starting from Steam

Started by Sarrus, May 15, 2024, 08:05:28 AM

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I would like to try Simutrans through Steam as it is a convenient way of keeping up with development. I installed Simutrans try the standard and then I switched to beta "extended". The game freezes with a fatal error message:

FATAL ERROR: roadsign_reader_t::read_node() - version 0 not supported. File corrupt?
Aborting program execution ...

For help with this error or to file a bug report please see the Simutrans forum at

Maybe there is something need to be done when switching between versions?


Extended and Standard use different paksets. For Extended, you can only play pak128.Britain-ex (available by installing the pak128.Britain DLC). Other paksets won't work.


Yes of course it does. I forgot about it. Thank you!