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Industry not delivering

Started by nathansamson, May 23, 2014, 06:44:08 PM

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The situation is as follows

Coal mine which has several "clients", including a coal merchant and a power station.
I've connected both the coal merchant & the power station to the coal mine.

The problem is that sometimes (quite often actually) the stop at the coal mine doesn't have goods for the power station, also meaning that those trucks block access for the others (but that is something else).

I've added a screenshot of the situation ( You can see the stop not fully being used, at leas 2 trucks waitng for coal for the power station & the power station not being in use at all..<
In principe 523 coals are in transit to the coal station, but that is less than the 1725 load it can handle (as far as I can see).

It is even worse than I thought, because looking at the line delivering coal all of the convoys are empty, so how the number 523 is calculated: no clue actually, it should be 0.

I am using experiment 11.32, with the pakset 128 britain pak.


Ive also uploaded the savegame

I also notice now that the industries are not marked as connected (anymore!) not sure what changed though... It used to work before...


Reloading the savegame worked... not sure what corrupted it (I played for like 2 months)


Thank you for your report - just to be clear, is everything working now, or is your original problem still present?
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it seems to be working now (although my game just stopped because I was insolvent...)

Note that I've had similar problems in other games that I started the last few weeks (all bankrupt in first few months, I really must relearn this game, it used to be easier :))


I have a similar problem, a coal mine connected to several Power stations. And since it is 1908 and I am trying to move all the coal with trucks supply and demand are way above transport capacity.
Now one of the onsumers starts to demand ridiculous ammounts of coal, and the coal mine puts these into the connected stop. So far so good, but this clogs up all the storage space in the coal mine stop, so there is no more coal there for the other recipients.
Ok I could build disconnected stops for each line, but maintance cost are already driving me mad,...

Maybe there could be a reserved amount per line. Either based on the transport capacity of the vehicles in the lines so a line with vehicles that can transpot up to10 goods has a reseved capacity of 10 goods.
Or the total transport capacity of the lines, so a line with 10 vehicles a 10 goods reserves 100 spaces, while a line with 5 vehicles a 8 goods reseves only 40. In case the reserved capacity is larger than the stop capacity it is lowered proportianally.