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Truck won't proceed to nearby waypoint

Started by asaphxiix, May 26, 2023, 09:05:43 PM

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Link to screenshot (can't paste it here for some reason):

Why was the truck able to proceed from the station to the waypoint where it is now, but it won't proceed to the next waypoint?

The truck is giving a red 'no route' message, and as you can see, the pop-up message isn't adding a lot of info to that.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!

Link to save game:


It won't proceed to the next waypoint because there is a problem later in the route. You can find the spot by deleting stops & waypoints from the end of the route until you reach one that works.

In this case, the problem is that the road that begins at (4191,553) is a Tar Macadam road, which has an maximum axle load of 4t. The later road beginning at (4240,656) has an even lower limit of 3t. The Foden Compound has an axle load of 6t. The easiest solution is to use a vehicle with a lower axle load (the Depot allows you to sort by axle load).

The error message did give correct information: you needed to check the weight limit of the ways on the route. But we have all been puzzled by these problems! Narrowing the error down is a time-consuming and frustrating process and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes finds it more easily.
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Thank you very much Matthew!

Indeed, the problems were further down the road and I was now able to fix them. 

It is certainly counter intuitive that the truck gets stuck before it reaches the problematic segment. My expectation was that the truck would only get stuck when it reaches the waypoint after which there is a problem with the road, not before that waypoint. I'm also still confused as to why the truck did get to the first waypoint on the way but not the second. 

But at least now I know how to resolve these issues in the future, so you have indeed given me great help.