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Steam Linux Nightly is outdated

Started by ceeac, June 22, 2023, 08:00:54 AM

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Latest SVN revision is r10930, while the Steam version on Ubuntu identifies itself as r10675.


I'm aware of it, I need to find some time (maybe next week) to fix it. The machine I was using to upload the nightlies is out of service.


Steam should be pulling nightlies again. It took extra time because my new server is an ARM machine, while steamcmd is x86-only. I had to figure out how to run x86 binaries on ARM first.

I introduced some improvements now that I was at it:
- It will now download builds from Github, not from (where they are usually not available...).
- It will now also update the base files (including translations).
- It will now also update the Mac version (obviously not for Extended).