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Unused graphics in the repository

Started by NullReferenceException, August 18, 2023, 01:34:30 AM

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I recently discovered this pakset and I love it so much, especially the art style.

When I was browsing the project repository, I found that there are unused graphics that appear to be almost ready but never appeared in game. Just to clarify, I am not referring to the ones in materials/unused folder. I am most curious about the road_ele_130 in pakset/infrastructure/road/way directory. It seems almost complete besides a few extra lines in the DAT file. It could be so helpful in building a highway interchange, although I do understand there might be complications.

In a similar regard, there is road_bridge.png in pakset/384/infrastructure/images which is really cool and I really want to see it in game. I also like the art of monorail/suspension tracks although I am aware that it is probably due to the absence of corresponding vehicles.

Thanks a lot for your replies.


Hello NullReferenceException,

I'm glad you enjoy the pakset! :)

The road_bridge seems to be missing an icon for the menu as well as (but not as important) winter images.

On the other hand, the elevated road used in the pakset is part of the pakset/384/infrastructure/images folder. The one you found in the pakset/infrastructure/road/way folder really should not be there in first place. Leartin switched the elevated road from being spaced on 256px wide tiles to 384px wide tiles, and apparently didn't merge the 130kph elevated road during that. From a gameplay perspective I see this to fit best in the addon folder, as it'd make a lot of things a bit too easy in the game.

The monorail suffers from having very unfitting station images as well, not just old vehicles. But I can just activate it for the nightly builds, maybe that helps finding someone to draw us a station / train for it :)

I'm glad you wrote this as I wasn't even aware of these corpses in the repository!

Best Flemm


Thank you once again, I'm really looking forward to see these in game.

By the way, should monorail be eventually introduced to the pak, what would its role be? From my understanding (from pak128), it's just a tram that can ignore ground topology, except trams can also go underground. What unique characteristic should be assigned to it?

Currently, I'm learning the toolchain and hoping to contribute something to maglev or monorail.


Sounds good to me!

I'm not exactly sure about the role of the monorail as well, but I think that a cheap extra layer of transport is enough of a niche. We have the very same issue in real life as well, so I guess that's fair.