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The latest version generates a lot of incomplete industry chains

Started by Donald C., September 15, 2023, 05:20:08 AM

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Donald C.

You can prove this by downloading the unmodified latest version (VS 2.1 Rev 473) and starting a new game. A lot of industries will have no suppliers, no matter how the terrain/map size is. This issue only happens in the recent versions of pak128.german. It doesn't affect other paksets, or with older versions of pak128.german. I played this pakset last year and all the industry chains are fine.


For industry chains, there is no significant changes between Pak128.german VS1.3 and VS2.1

What was changed: the way the program distribute the climate.
Pak128.german has big factorys, therefore it needs sufficiently large flat areas in every climate. 

Donald C.

So, is there any recommended terrain setting to make the industry chains complete?

EDIT: I've found a way myself. Playing on bigger maps always solve problems (except lags). I've found that in the latest version, at least 21 industries (which is the default for a 448x448 map) is necessary to prevent incomplete industry chains. The recommended landscape settings on will help making the industry chains complete, but there's no need for a 896x896 map. And, after all, you can always enlarge the map.


You're right.

Fiddling around with the default values, the map generate often broken factory chains.
The way the program works is not clear to me. Is it a bug? Is it a design decision? I think, this part of program need some rework.

If you say: I want 100 "factories and shops" then you get about 20 of them, but the chains are less broken.

The mapsize should be above 512 and more cities help too.

Until Pak128.german VS1.2 "crossconnect_factories" was set to "1" this helps also.

After all, if you miss some factory, don´t worry, go to "public service" and build what you need.

Donald C.

I've tested myself that map sizes above 448x448 nearly always generate with complete industry chains. According to the pak128.german website, it's recommended to set the hilliness (map roughness) to 0 such that there is enough flat areas for industries.