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AI gridlocked an entire city with trucks for no reason

Started by chrispytoes, October 07, 2023, 02:42:50 AM

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I'm totally new to the game, starting in 1930, and just as I was starting to make profits for the first time the Goods AI built probably over 100 oil trucks for no reason, sent them all to a single station and totally gridlocked a major transit hub city, and now I'm losing money fast because of this.

I'm wondering if anyone else has ran into this, and if not then I can provide my save file if needed. Are there any other AIs to download or is this all there is?

Edit: I figured out how to switch to that company and I withdrew all the trucks. So I'll just leave this here as a bug report.


The AI isn´t intelligent at all.
Most Simutrans player don´t use the AI, because the AI need constantly support from the player.


Quote from: chrispytoes on October 07, 2023, 02:42:50 AM... Are there any other AIs to download or is this all there is?


There are 2 Squirrel Script AIs for Simutrans Standard.

But I don't know whether Simutrans-Extended now supports Squirrel.

Even the C-KI may not have been adapted to Simutrans-Extended. As a result, the C-AI is unlikely to have been further developed for over 10 years.


I think Andarix is right: Extended does not claim to provide any support for AI play or the Squirrel API.
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