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start Simutrans Server revision > r10421 on Linux

Started by Andarix, November 29, 2023, 03:45:49 PM

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Can someone test in the middle whether they can start an accessible server game on Linux with the current versions r110xx.

With r10421 it works for me with announce and connect.

However, it no longer works with newer versions. The server can be reached in the local network. But not over the Internet. The announcement doesn't work either.


Can't test right now, but is the round-trip time to the server longer than 2 seconds? There was a change that closes the connection if there is no reply after 2 seconds.


Sorry, if I understand the code correctly, the 2 seconds are when connecting from the client to the server.

For me, under Mageia 9 (based on Fedora), the annonce for the list server no longer works when I start the Simutrans server.


The problem is that the hoster changed AGAIN the IP6 without noticing me, hence only IPv4 lookup works, IP6 got an invalid address. Any server who preferred to get IP6 got a timeout. The old blocking sockets after 30s failed back on the working IPv4 but the newer non-blocking sockets gives up instead trying IPv4 too.

I will move the server listing to whose hoster was much more reliable (ab servers are even cheaper 1€/month ... ). They never changed my addressed ever and I have full DNS control. The next Simutrans version will use this as default and when finished also should point to it.


Even with listen = for IPv4 it didn't work.



I doubt it's the list server because it works on Windows.


I had a server in Japan which thanks to Nagoya University still not handing out IP6 addresses only had IPv4 and there it connected and entered the serverlist. Disabling IP6 in the simutrans binary did not work though. Still trying to find the cause.


Hello, i need help with that as well. Appearently no solution found yet.


The non-blocking sockets were to blame. So now the server has blocking sockets again under Linux by at least connecting works again. Given that these are so central to everything internet, it is surprising that they did not work. But linux server higher than -r 11085 show work again.

So this was the biggest showstopper for a new release. I will integrate the nicer fonts and then we are hopefully good to go.



mmh, calling the network dialog and every action in it freezes Simutrans for some time (Linux).

Annonce doesn't work for me on Linux.

However, updating the list server seems to work. (initial annonce from Windows)

Client connect/disconnect freezes Simutrans for some time.

Strangely, the download of the GDI version from Github aborts with a virus warning (Windows. Windows Defender).


I tested with a server from the command line. It entered into the list server without problems. However, I noted that Linux always used IP6 first, and the IP6 address of the announce server is broken again. Maybe that is the problem. Or the uPnP was not working.