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graphic representation of flying airplanes

Started by Andarix, December 04, 2023, 03:49:15 PM

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Planes were supposed to paint over everything in flight.

Something like the one in the picture doesn't look very nice.


Due to the half height, I think the flight altitude is now a bit low.

Isaac Eiland-Hall


I have crazy ideas for this.

1 - The planes should rise higher (I think extending already solved this).
2 - Assign height values to .pak objects.
3 - Use radars to determine if there are tall objects in the area (reading the height values previously mentioned).
4 - Adjust the routes according to the radar results.


The reason is that the monorail has the draw_as_ding parameter and thus paints over everything.

Much earlier, planes were higher. They were set lower so that they could also be seen in flight. Apparently this is not taken into account with the lower heights.