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2024-01-03 Server Outage

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, January 04, 2024, 03:15:32 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

In brief because I must to bed: Server ran out of disk space due to backups and crashed. I wasn't able to fix until this evening. Apologies for the downtime.

For any sites that are suffering, database tables might need to be repaired. I'll try to check on that, but anyone with WHM access might be able to help - and let me know any sites that are still down you run across and I'll get to them soon as I can.


Good to see it back up again!
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Does the contents of the folder still exist?

return error
Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated in /home/sg/public_html/include/ on line 114


The images are still there, but the software (Coppermine Photo Gallery - CPG) is not working properly.

I've taken a look. It seems CPG was updated to version 1.6.x some time ago, but the update was not completed. The database shows that last working version was

According to documentation, we need:

1) To update first CPG to version 1.5.x
2) Then update CPG from version 1.5.x to version 1.6.x

I tried to do the first update, only to fail. I can't update to version 1.5.x because the required PHP version is 7.0, while cPanel only allows me to set 7.3 as minimum (

So now the page shows a "Call to undefined function mysql_connect()" error. I don't know if there is a way to install an older version of PHP to perform the upgrade, Isaac may know better. Otherwise, we are doomed.

I found this thread where a solution is discussed, but the reference thread no longer exists


It makes more sense to export the database and do the updates locally with xampp. Alternatively, use a VM with suitable software.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Alas, 7.3 is as low as I can go. :(