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What pak(s) are you playing?

Started by Antonin, January 25, 2024, 10:36:12 PM

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Over the years the pak I play most often has changed. When I started playing Simutrans back around 2009 I was playing the default pak64 only. I stayed with it for a long time, but then started playing pak128. For years, though, my favorite pak was pak128.britain. I love the colors and the types of industries available. The busses are beautiful! 

Recently, though, I have been playing pak192.comic more than any other. The art is very, very nice, and the contrast of the colors is pleasant for my 66 year old eyes.

But I have also spent time with pak128.japan, trying to get various addons to work. I would like to use it as a generic Southeast Asian pak.

Someone recently recommended that I try pak128-german, and I have been spending some time with that, too. I started a "Euro" game where I changed the city names to different European cities. Pak128.german has some nice art, and very interesting industries.

But I still have saves in pak64, pak128 and pak128.britain that I sometimes return to. I love the herd of sheep that wanders across the landscape in pak64.

All of the paks have unique, fun features. It is difficult to delete old saves, because they bring back good memories.


I've composed my own pak, based on pak64 with additions from pak64.german, pak128.britain (made smaller) and other add ons. I've redesigned all vehicles (but kept most of the pictures) with less vehicle choices but added maglev, narrowgauge and monorail and added freight options for narrowgauge, tram and maglev. I've added buildings and monuments and added and modified factories to my own wishes. No balancing yet as I always do free play.

Lots of fun to create this and play with it. And nice you can do this in Simutrans!
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