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Does your pakset support two lane roads?

Started by Donald C., February 10, 2024, 05:52:19 PM

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Donald C.

Two lane roads were implemented in pak128.german 1.2. According to

"At the start of the game and during normal city growth, two-lane roads have been built since version 1.2. These could be boulevards or highways. Unfortunately, these streets are a bit random and are not planned by any city planner. In addition, if there are to be motorways, some reworking is necessary. The cross connections that Simutrans automatically builds must be deleted again and the traffic signs set up accordingly. For me, two-lane trams were the reason to change the configuration file so that two-lane streets are created. I no longer wanted to tear down rows and rows of houses and weaken the city. Other players start with very small cities and specify the road grid and the two-lane traffic routes from the start. Each player has a different approach."

I really liked the two lane roads and wanted to try putting them into other paksets. Fortunately, it worked on pak192.comic, the pakset that was just updated days ago. But I'm not sure if it works on other paksests though. I tried it with pak128.britain-ext and road generation just totally breaks.

How it worked in pak192.comic:


The is written for Simutrans >= 121.
I think it is not compatible zu Simutrans Extended.