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Absence for gardening and learning Rust

Started by _Hajo_, March 25, 2024, 03:01:31 PM

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With Spring comes the start of the gardening season, and I'll spend more time on that during the next months. Also I'm trying to learn a new programming language, Rust. My training project is FUSE filesystem for Linux, which is something I wanted to try since a long time. It's got such a  nerdy coolness factor to work on a file system, even that the world surely doesn't need another one. There are plenty and good ones for Linux. The Rust language core is very interesting too, teaches a lot about data flow, and how to avoid data related problems.

Gardening and learning Rust means that my Simutrans related activities will slow down or stop for a while. Unless something else pops up which I urgently want to work on, I expect to return to Simutrans work in autumn or winter.


Hajo next winter: Announcing Simutrans Rust Edition! 😜


Not an easy language indeed.
Now I'm playing with Vulkan.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Vulkan is probably easier than Romulan, though. :)


You need 1000 lines of code to draw a triangle on the screen in Vulkan.  And only if it isn't a fashion one.

The good news is that you need 1001 lines to draw two triangles.    ;D