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No trucks to transport sugar cane to rum distillery

Started by Antonin, April 17, 2024, 10:20:13 PM

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I am beginning a new map with a start date of 1950. One of the interesting industries is a rum distillery. Of course I would like to supply sugar cane for rum production!  :)  But the sugar cane plantation says sugar cane is transported by a wood carrier. But there is no wood carrier available, not even among the "obsolete" vehicles in my depot.

When I use the filter and sort by freight, it shows that horses are the vehicle to transport sugar cane, but when I try to create a convoi with horses it does not work.

Sorry, but I don't know how to attach a screen shot.


There are no road vehicles for sugar cane before 1965. Before then there are trains that can be used.
Historically, in Australia at least, moveable narrow gauge lines were the predominate form of transport for cane up till the 1990's (and later in some areas). This mode is more efficient when the cane was cut manually as empty waggons were left at the next area to be cut and loaded, then the loco would pick up a set and haul them to the mill.
Here's a nice shot


Thank you very much!

I have been playing Simutrans for so many years, but I rarely use trains. Only to transport coal and sometimes oil, sand and iron ore.