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truck_apple_2007_tgs freightimage

Started by Oldie, March 27, 2024, 03:57:29 AM

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Hi folks,
This vehicle is missing a freightimage for beets. I presume that it would look like the apples images could be used here. So is it possible to add a new freightimagetype and point it to the same images for the apples?

freightimagetype[4]=beets     <----- ????
freightimage[4][S,W,E,N,NE,SW,NW,SE]=truck_apple_2007_tgs.????  <----



Sure, you can do that. Your line for adding the beets is correct, to define the graphics, use
freightimage[4][S,W,E,N,NE,SW,NW,SE]=truck_apple_2007_tgs.0.<$0>This refers to row zero (where the apples should be), and <$0> refers to the different directions. (This changes compared to the existing line, since before it referred to '0-3', but '4' is no longer a range)

However, I think it's easier to do it 'properly' - Change the imagefile by adding a new row (add 192px, copy the apples or whatever), then just increase the number in the dat file (you still need the beets line)
freightimage[0-4][S,W,E,N,NE,SW,NW,SE]=./image/truck_apple_2007_tgs.<$0>.<$1>Added benefit: If you (or someone else) want to add 'real' graphics (which just means switching some colors), you don't need to edit the dat anymore.

Finally... I'm pretty sure you could also just replace "potatoes" with "beets", since there are no potatoes yet, and the beets stacked at the farm use those colors.