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One of the Show station names option selectors fools the player

Started by Ranran, April 03, 2024, 10:30:24 PM

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I thought this option was broken when I selected a colored background.
Select it again and you will now see the nameplate with a background.
That is, I think the original option that fooled me was "Hide stations names".


Difficult thing that. The settings show how the station names are displayed by changing how "show station names" is displayed. If hiding the station names showed nothing in the settings menu it might be more accurate, but also quite hard to find the option again at a later date. Hence it does not and should not hide itself.

I suppose a slightly  better behaviour would be changing the display to that of regular text, but only because a player who knows the available options could differentiate between that and default display. It does not actually help the core issue, since that could still be misunderstood as a bug.
Perhaps using brackets could help in conveying the station name isn't displayed at all without a need for additional translation (like "don't show station names" would) - at least if japanese brackets are just a different display of brackets in japanese fonts, rather then different glyphs, else that's no good either.

Alternatively, you'd need to have both a checkbox and the toggle in the same line, with the checkbox dealing with "whether" and the toggle dealing with "how" it's displayed. Not ideal, but much clearer.


Maybe a box: "Hide labels"
and the current: "Change label style" that simply does not cycle thing hidden ...

check r11116


What I'd like to see is that the show/hide state for the labels of each labelled object: stops; cities; attractions; factories, would be split out into a separate item with a popup to set them as visible, not visible, rollover. Sometimes I want to see these and sometimes not. For example when the world is zoomed out somewhat I dont want to see the miriad of stop names that confounds my need to see items.
Of course the stops "bars" need consideration.


My explanation may have caused confusion.
The first thing I wanted to say was the suggestion to change the text to hide station names only when the hide option is selected.

I think it's a good solution to separate the show/hide buttons as they are currently.
However, IMO it is more intuitive to have that option as "Show" instead of "Hide". And it is checked by default.



pak64.german defines the Simple tool WKZ_SHOW_NAMES in the main menu. This now changes both settings in the display settings.

Hide labels hides stations and city names. But no industry names. The industry labels can still be changed.

Since these options not only affect stations but also city and industry names, it makes the classification under Display - Stations questionable.

As long as there is no separation, a classification under map settings is probably more appropriate.