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PAK128.german v 2.2 is out

Started by makie, May 05, 2024, 11:08:59 AM

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The team of PAK128.german is pleased to announce a improved version 2.2 of our graphics set for Simutrans 124.0.

It is playable from the year 1800 on and orientates itself as before both in relation to the vehicle park as well as with regard to the buildings, driveways and landscape elements to Germany. The chronology (timeline) is characterized by a strong focus on the real history of Germany - even if the set can not and does not reflect exactly the actual development of the economy and transport systems. The two world wars and other wars during this period are not taken into account, even though they had a massive impact on the economy and transport.

Download the file from SourceForge here

As you know, I forgot the announcement in the forum about version 2.1. But this shouldn't become a habit.
So here's a look back at the differences to older versions.

Differences to version 1.3

The versions 1.0 to 1.3 had uniform prices for the operating costs of the vehicles.

This also applies to versions since 2.1. However, the operating costs per tile were reduced from around 30% of the income to 15% and the purchase prices of the vehicles were halved. For this, there are now fixed costs per time of around 2% of the income. That may seem like little, but this 2% also applies when the vehicle is waiting to be charged and even when it is unused in the depot. If there is slow progress on a route, if weak motorized goes uphill, if there is a traffic jam, then these new 2% fixed costs still apply. That can definitely depress a line's return. On the other hand, low utilization is no longer as detrimental to profit.

Since 2.1, the starting capital depends on the starting year, between 1 million in 1800 and 40 million in 2030.

Since version 2.0 there are now double height levels, which is intended for real mountains like the Alps.
In the future there will be a new map of Germany with high mountains, which will present real problems for transport routes.
However, there is still some work to be done and will therefore be added in a later version.

For further changes of versions 2.0 and 2.1 see: Changelog

The changes between 2.1 and 2.2 are rather minor. This is because our graphic designers are currently busy doing something else.
However, this version 2.2 became necessary due to adjustments to the program version 124.0.

PAK128.german Version 2.2

  • removed: Both harbors for shallow lake shores. The 2x3 graphics cause errors in the program.
  • new: The "Dock 1800" graphic is now a machine factory. Formerly a harbor for shallow shores.
  • new: The graphic "Binnenhafen 1800" is now a shipyard. Formerly a harbor for shallow shores.
  • new: In the "List of all vehicles" there is for some locomotives a recommendation for use. (version 124 only)
  • changed: With program version 124, explanations for the streets are returned.
  • changed: Some vehicles now have night lighting.
  • changed: Many graphics (especially roads and tracks) had luminous pixels. These have been removed.
  • changed: The size of the factories' input warehouses were recalculated using a script according to the maximum demand.
  • changed: Car dealerships and supermarkets are becoming slightly more common. The old markets less common.
  • changed: The production of the pharmaceutical factories increased, should now be enough for a few pharmacies and 1-2 hospitals.
  • changed: Changed the internal name of the catenary to catenary / power_rail for Script AI.
  • changed: The costs of the stops were recalculated using a script and made them slightly more expensive.
  • changed: Electric locomotive 111 has incorrect power information, corrected, which changes the operating costs.
  • changed: Gear of E express train locomotives reduced so that they do not have as much pulling power in front of freight trains and the trailer loads are more realistic.
  • changed: lots of small changes and bug fixes.

The Scenario contain a extended map of Germany with the starting year 1800.
This is based on a real map. The heights and regions are nearly correct. The main cities are in the right places and are roughly modeled. The map also contains the Alps and parts of Austria and Switzerland, as well as the southern edge of the Alps with parts of northern Italy. The starting point of the project was the Alps as a traffic obstacle and the difficult routing of transit routes through mountains.

In the folder SaveGames are saved three saves, as a suggestion.

On our homepage there are additional Information to all objects. Tips for switching with saved games from older versions to this one. Addons, previews of future versions and saved scores.

Perhaps more important:
The default values when generating new cards are not optimal for Pak128.german.
We therefore recommend these settings for first attempts:

The Team hope you enjoy Simutrans as much as we do.  :)