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Underground trains are slower than trams in this pakset

Started by Donald C., May 25, 2024, 05:46:01 AM

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Donald C.

With the latest pakset update, we can finally build underground platforms. It was said that underground railways are not viable in this pakset before, and idk how is it 'fixed'. But when trams are faster than the underground, it makes no sense to build it, other than for the higher capacity. Not to mention that trams can run up to 110km/h even in the city center in this pakset, without getting stuck by traffic. (And for the double tile problem, you can copy the cityrules from pak128.german to make it build double tile roads.)

The best solution is perhaps remove all tram tracks higher than 50km/h from all standard paksets, just like what extended did. To run faster trams, train tracks will be needed, which cannot be built on roads.

Below is the chart for the max. speed of subways and trams for different years.


There are indeed tram which run light railway sections and thus need that speed recently while subways are mostly limited by their station distance. In most places, they barely run 60 km/h.

The TMB trains do not look like exclusively underground to me either. For instance, the use a pantograph, which is rather uncommon for dedicated subways as they need larger tunnels. Nobody stops you from running real trains underground, like the RER in Paris.