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124.0; casually passengers won't board

Started by FLN, May 25, 2024, 10:44:36 PM

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Hi everybody, did anybody else witness this occasional behaviour, when passengers just don't board a bus?
So far I only remarked it on bus stops. Sometimes a vehicle arrives, haltes, unloads but then drives on regardless of waiting passengers...  ???

I was finally able to record this behaviour, see video below.
The bus just left an overcrowded stop empty, without loading any passenger. Well, but two passengers, to be precise.
I manually made the bus return to the just visited stop, where it eventually loaded the "piled up" passengers as expected.

Thank you for your comments   :)


I am not sure what the problem was. Did you by chance turned on "avoid overcrowding" in the settings? This will not load passengers, if the next stop in the route is overcrowded. You can check this by clicking new word, and then check the settings. Then unselect "avoid overcrowding" and close all windows with creating the new game. And save your game. Then it should work.
If this is not the case, then something else may be wrong and I would need a the saved game to debug.


Which package set is this?

This behavior is intentional with the pak64.german. The settings there are such that overcrowding is not allowed and routing over overcrowded stations is also not allowed. The latter ensures that passengers are not loaded if the destination/transfer station is overcrowded.

If the destination is only crowded for a short time (at the moment the vehicle stops), then the behavior described occurs.

These settings are the counterweight to the missing speed bonus. Because they ensure that the vehicles/stations have to be continually adapted to the situation.

Please note that these settings are saved with the cards. This means that with such cards they are always active after loading, even if they are switched off in the pakset.


Thanks both of you, for your comments/support.

Quote from: prissi on May 26, 2024, 12:37:25 AMDid you by chance turned on "avoid overcrowding" in the settings?
Naw. Overcrowding is allowed in my games (very much overcrowding in deed ;D  ;D )

I only observe this behaviour since playing the 124.0 release (unfortunately).
And it happens only occasionally, at random it seems, but frequent and not at overcrowded stops only, it seems.

Quote from: Andarix on May 26, 2024, 06:00:08 AMWhich package set is this?
I play the standard 64 pak, or just "pak" in the game folder (this is the 64 pixel pak, right?), on my Win11 system.

Quote from: prissi on May 26, 2024, 12:37:25 AMIf this is not the case, then something else may be wrong and I would need a the saved game to debug.
Here you are.. :St._Unnda_City_4.sve
Is there any other information, i could possibly provide you, Prissi?


At a quick glance, I could not see anything wrong. Can you give me a bus line to look at where it happens frequently?


Quote from: prissi on May 28, 2024, 06:19:22 AMAt a quick glance, I could not see anything wrong. Can you give me a bus line to look at where it happens frequently?

The difficulty for me reporting it properly is, in my game this behavior doesn't happen continuously as in m.vanderwulp's report, still it happens all the time though, but at random.
By now I remarked it on plenty of occasion:
  • on overcrowded but also not overcrowded stops
  • for 2-point routes and multi destination routes likewise
  • and no matter if buses, ships or planes are involved (I do not use trains nor trams in this game)  ;D

I'm kind of glad, someone else is experiencing a similar in-game behavior

I might have finally identified a line/route, where this seams to happen mostly all the time (according to the route statistics).
Prissi, please see route "(629) Linie" in this save game. I recently installed this 2-point line parallel to an existing, more intricate one, to overcome a bottleneck (hands I didn't boarder to name it properly). +6K Passangers are stacking further and further on that one stop (144,233,0), regardless of the additional buses I already engaged.
I hope you'll get to recreate this occurrence on your system too.

Please note:
- I did create the map under the latest V123, similar to m.vanderwulp's mentioning.
- I played around with some of the settings when creating the map. So you might throw a glance over tease too please.
- Since V124 I frequently remark a sort of "hesitation" of passengers boarding, as I observ the stop procedure of the vehicles in the vehicle box/route dialog. It seams to me like, as if the passangers are "doubting" if to take the journey or not, so to say. Therefore I wondered if there might be a ocasional loop happening in the boarding routine, or an other error, which makes appear this hesitation...
Do you think my low-end laptop might otherwise be the source of this "boarding glitch"?


All I see is (629) Line serves  Itzehoe Mitte H, but the pax are building up to Itzehoe H Mitte. If I change the line, the backlog slowly reduces.

The fix in r11287 should help cargo not loading for all games, but the bug really only becomes noticeable on large games like m.vanderwulp's that take a long time to reroute goods after a change. That could explain why you sometimes catch it, but it normally works ok.