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What's your 124 release experience?

Started by FLN, June 04, 2024, 05:30:56 PM

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Hi everybody

How do you experience the new 124 release?


I enjoy the slightly more modern look of the GUI and dialogs, given thru the new slim font -optimized for bigger screens as i understood-  even though I was so used to the classic "Simu-font", I never could imagine, an other font could replace it worthily, but to me it does work very well =)

Did u remark the "renewed" look?


More so, I enjoy many little details in the game, that work better now/got fixed. Like the choose sign e.g., wich now influences stop finding, in the expected direction and no longer at random, as it seamed before.
And other small things in general that seamed inconsistent before.

Furthermore the more apparent features, like all the functions that finally got their own proper button, such as underground view, respectively toggle thru the plains. Or the reservation view likewise, wich before you had to know, this functionality even existed as no buttons indicated thees tools. Really nice  :thumbsup:

What differences, improvements have you noticed so far, and wich from are you glad, wear implemented?