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Simutranslator and translation rules

Started by prissi, November 04, 2008, 08:53:09 PM

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The program to edit translations is now at:

You can dm me or makie for an account.

There are different types of entries, each needs a different type of translations. Thus I would like to give some rules. Please obey the rules. If you do not know, then DO NOT translate! Ask first!

First rule: If there is a translation, do not change it just because you think something else matches better. Change it, if it has typos, or it is wrong (wrong text, since image has changed, or just three words for a building). I am, for instance, tired of renaming factories to their default meaning, and to shorten strings (like timeline info) which were extended without checking if they fit on the default screen size.

Simutrans has many fans also due to these funny stories found with many buildings. And just remember: Because it is funny in German or English, it is not automatically funny in Italian. Just use you own inspiration.

Second Rule: The translation style of different objects is different. Please, use the styles given here. If you see an entry in the wrong style, correct it! There are seven types of entries.

-  Should be single line and a little fun would not hurt much for AI messages. But remember, you will see these texts quite often!

Error messages:
- Should be as descriptive as possible. For that, you need to know, when they appear ingame by testing and ready the manuals. (bad: No through station here! good: A through station can only built on a straight way segment or on a dead end.)

Tools and Objects (signals, stations, factories, vehicles, ... ):
- Should be described as short and precise as possible in a single line.

Attraction buildings (type=cur):
- Has a first line with a short Name, then a blank line, then some funny or interesting text.  You do not need to break lines here (but for paragraphs.) Must be xxx\n\ntext body.
Graveyard\n\nWhen the movie "comfortable coffin" appeared in the cinemas, thousands of people were there during night time. Otherwise, you will be alone, the only living soul here after midnight.

Other buildings, trees, groundobjs (type COM, RAS, IND):
- Should be some sentences with some funny or interesting story. You do not need to break lines here (but for paragraphs.) Please refrain from three-word translations, use your imagination.
(bad: Soap factory good: The old soap works looks today as neat as on the day it was erected. A true miracle!)

- Details concerning the factory. Should given useful background information (but not paste from copyright sources, please). Can be long, but should keep the function in the game in mind. And there is a 4095 character limit.
<title>Concrete factory</title>\nAutoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC) is produced in this factory. The small pores that reduce weight and increase insulation originate from aluminum powder, which reacts with the water. AAC was invented in the 1920ies.

special strings (1suburb, &0_CITY_SILL, LOCO_INFO):
These are usually strings which have a certain function. The first one for instance generates stop names in suburbs of towns, the second one will give half of a name if no citylist is used, and the last one is the info given on engines in depots. Usually, the English will give you a hint on what a translation may look like. Of course, towns and stops will have to accommodate the national meanings.