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How to make tram/narrow guages track two way on a single tile like road?

Started by limyx826, June 11, 2024, 05:25:32 AM

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Kind of odd that tram line only operate one way when the majority of tram network in the world is bi-directional on a single street.


As a player: You can only use what's provided.
As a creator: Road electrification can be used as dual tracks, then trams are just electric cars.

Thing is, you actually don't want trams to interact with cars that much, since they usually use some kind of priority lane in real life and avoid road congestion. Plus, a tram is usually used in multi-lane roads. In Simutrans, you get multi-lane roads only in parallel roads, which in turn allow for bidirectional trams anyway.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Worth remembering that some limitations and compromises are made when you start programming something. One of these in Simutrans is that ways of type tracks are inherently one-way.

If the system had been programmed from the very beginning differently, it would be different. But alas, it was not. Don't get me wrong, I understand why and support the decision.

But it's one of those fundamental things like graphics scale or gameplay scale that is very basic.

The amount of work it would take to allow for two sets of tracks (i.e. with signals) on one tile would be incredible, and nobody has volunteered, because it would involve rewriting a ton of code.