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Lan server linux

Started by budy, June 19, 2024, 05:55:59 PM

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I would like to play simutrans with my siblings on a LAN and I can not for the life of me figure out or find a tutorial on how to do LAN play between us. I have the version from apt, flathub and steam. I would much prefer to use the flathub version as my brother wants to play the scifi pack and I cant figure out how to get it for any of the other versions


For LAN games, you only need to make sure your OS Firewall does not block port 13353 (default port for Simutrans).

Then other players can connect to your server by going to Main Menu => Play Online. Write the local IP:Port of the server and hit "Query Server", then "Play Online".


I opened port 13353 using "ss -na | grep :13353" then "sudo ufw allow 13353". I have validated that the port is open and the IP are correct but whenever we push query server it always says "Server did not respond!" both on my machine. I know my IP and port are correct because I can echo from that port.


What version do you use? If not compiled with UPNP support or your router doesn't support UPNP, the above method won't work.

But for local LAN, you need your local IP address, and start a game with loading a game while "start at server" Others can connect with load "net:" (or whatever your IP address is.


I never (personally) compiled it. How do I start it as a server with either the flatpack version (124.1.1) apt version (120.4.1) or the steam version?


Quote from: budy on June 20, 2024, 02:45:43 PMI never (personally) compiled it. How do I start it as a server with either the flatpack version (124.1.1) apt version (120.4.1) or the steam version?
Starting a saved game as a server normally just requires selecting the "start game as server" checkbox in the load game dialogue.

If what you are trying to do is play a Simutrans session with your siblings on a local LAN every now and then, what you would do is: (1) set up a saved game consisting of a blank map suitable to start: (2) on one of the computers, load that saved game with the "start game as server" checkbox checked; and (3) on the other computers, your siblings would then connect to this game by opening the network dialogue and typing the local IP address of the computer on which the server is running. When you have finished a session, save the game on the server and then re-load it in the same way when you want to continue.
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Thanks it worked. That is like literally the only window I never opened trying to figure it out.