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Regression: bay choose sign direction confusion

Started by m.vanderwulp, June 26, 2024, 05:06:52 PM

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Thanks for the previous help!

I saved my Simutrans pak128 world in V123, and opened it in the new version 124.1.
This is a regression:

See screenshot. The two trucks are waiting for load now, each in another bay. They choose an empty bay automatically thanks to the bay selection sign.
This always worked fine, but now in V124.1 it does not. The trucks line up behind each other on one bay.
So I started experimenting. I discovered that if you reverse the bay choose sign, it works!
It works the way it is in the screenshot. I had to reverse it to make it work. That is not good.
The screenshot is from AFTER I made it work by changing the bay choose sign direction!

You can download the save file at:

BTW: Secondary problem: why is there a number 2 on the bay choose signal, and can you CTRL-click on this tool to set a repetition distance? That should not be - you only need one of these in front of a stop with multiple bays.


BTW: not all bay choose signals have this problem - most others work fine.
But I have seen this problem before in this world somewhere.


The E and W directions were swapped in the file. A very old makeobj required this. This error has been overlooked when the pak128 was updated.

Pak128 lags anyway far behind. For instance, the traffic lights have no yellow phases. If you want to fix it, you can take the pak 64 ones as inspiration

pak128 are here