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Author Topic: [New release] Simutrans-Experimental 4.0  (Read 1662 times)

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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 4.0
« on: June 06, 2009, 01:24:47 PM »
A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day, incorporating some performance optimisations and bug fixes, as well as all the latest additions from the latest Simutrans-Standard nightly builds (including some crash fixes). See here for more information on how to get the latest version.

Why 4.0 not 3.15?

Because one of the new features of this version is a new option, allowing players to choose whether the paths are updated fully immediately on any changes to the schedule or not, and because that option is saved with the game, the save game version needs to be incremented. Because, in Simutrans-Experimental, the major version number corresponds with the save game version number, every change to the save game format requires an increment to the major version number.


  • ADD: New option to enable or disable instantaneous full re-pathing when any changes to lines or schedules are made.
  • CHANGE: Slight optimisation in passenger generation code.
  • FIX: Lines did not update properly when minimum load/waiting times only were changed.
  • CHANGE: Added a further beta tester and contributor to the credits.
  • CHANGE: Removed a dummy value from the latest version of the save game format.
  • FIX: Incorrect display of goods loaded onto convoys that could take multiple types of goods in some cases.
  • CODE: the most annoying compiler warning removed. (Bernd Gabriel)
  • FIX:  reading an sint16 with scanf needs '%hd' (Bernd Gabriel)
  • FIX: Electricity consumption not calculated correctly when determining how many power plants to deploy.
  • CHANGE: It is now possible to set both in and the GUI whether all paths should refresh instantly on updating schedules.
  • CHANGE: The altered physics for steam engines now no longer apply to steam road or water vehicles.
  • FIX: due to grown fixed_maintenance length, total length has grown as well and data after fixed_maintenance moved two bytes. (Bernd Gabriel)
  • FIX: experimental_version 2 has been introduced. reader must accept it. (Bernd Gabriel)
  • CHANGE: Adding INT_CHECK() calls to step_passagiere() [Knightly]
  • CHANGE: Make clearing open lists faster and fix memory leaks [Knightly]
  • FIX: Fix line/convoy switch by introducing struct path_node [Knightly]
  • FIX: Fixes memory leak, inefficient code and exhaustive search in calculate_paths() [Knightly]
  • CHANGE: Changes to refresh_routing() and certain calls to this function [Knightly]
  • CODE: Removed old commented out code.
  • CODE: Corrected a grammatical error in a comment

Feedback and testing

I am, as ever, extremely grateful to all those who have tested version 3.14 and earlier versions, without which work, many of the bugs fixed in this release would not have been found. I should appreciate any further testing or feedback, including bug fixes, performance reports, and information as to how well that the gameplay balance works in Simutrans-Experimental compared to Simutrans-Standard. Have fun!