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Started by Ashley, June 08, 2009, 09:56:37 PM

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Unfortunately the VPS company which hosts my server has had their management system hacked. This means all their virtual servers are currently down including mine. Since is hosted on this server it's down as well. I'm fairly confident that the contents of my server are intact, just unavailable and it should come back online as the hosting company begins to re-activate all the accounts. If the server needs to be rebuilt it'll take a while to restore from backup and the site could be offline for a while.

I apologise for this unexpected downtime and I'll keep you updated.

I've been told that my server's data is intact, however the server itself remains offline and the management portal is inaccessible so for now there's not much I can do to restore the archive.

**Update #2**
The server is back up and the archive is accessible again. I'm going to have to rebuild the server soon, so the site may go down again but I will try and advise of any scheduled downtime. Thanks again for your patience.
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