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pak192.comic Screenshots

Started by Michael 'Cruzer', June 14, 2009, 07:53:00 AM

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Alex. Brose

Thank you, mueslo. :)

I don't have a flattr account. Why should i?

The new buildings will be available within two weeks. I'll upload them on SVN soonish.

Alex. Brose

New office building ("Star").  ;D

Alex. Brose

Alex. Brose

New office building (Step 1/ 2/ 3).


Alex, it's always nice to have you back!


Wow ... he's like a citybuilding-machinegun  :o


Quote from: Fabio on March 17, 2013, 07:55:51 PM
Alex, it's always nice to have you back!
He or his buildings?

Or both? ;o)

Alex. Brose

Haha, thank you very much, guys. :D

By the way... I have something for you. *fire* Right here:

Alex. Brose

New day, new building! *fire*


Rainforest Instead of Palm Oil !!

pak192.comic - Download Version 0.5 - Czech AddOns for pak192.comic

Alex. Brose

I've to meet gauthier's requirements, so...


i'm quite fond of the variety of buildings. Gauthiers comparison was rather wrong, a machine gun shoots lots of identical bullets. This is more like Warhols Factory, a stream of individual models.

ps.: pak192 looks extremely nice! (only gripe i have with it, are the very large light grey areas, for my taste they'd need something to 'break' them a bit. Some texture, like the grass aereas would do nicely. (BTW, those are by far the best simutrans grass tiles!)


Quote*fire* Right here:
* dead *

nice buildings ;)

Alex. Brose

sdog, you're right. We will improve this in the next releases soon. Thank you.  :)

By the way... Here's the daily delivery. *fire*


How Alex. Brose
your Factorys for new Building it working.
The building looks very great out. :thumbsup:
Opening hours 20:00 - 23:00
(In Night from friday on saturday and saturday on sunday it possibly that i be keep longer in Forum.)
I am The Assistant from Pakfilearcheologist!
Working on a big Problem!

Alex. Brose

Here is the daily delivery. You have to be brave today - it's a modern store/ mall.  ;)

Alex. Brose


Alex. Brose

I have no idea, sdog. Could be a bank, sure. Could also be a shop. Who knows... :-) By the way, here's the daily building:

Edit: Berlin's next highrise - Upper West (Atlas Tower).

Alex. Brose

How about a hotel?  :)

Edit: 2nd Hotel "City Inn".

Alex. Brose


Edit: Older office building.


Are you going to turn Simutrans into a citybuilder-like game ?  :P

Alex. Brose

Simutrans is not a citybuilder game?  :o ...  ;) ;) ;)

Haha... Well, our pak192.comic maintainer PTM told me that city buildings (esp. Com/Ind) are deeply required. So i startet to draw one first building to trying out painting for this big size ("Taunusturm/ Taunus Tower").  The result was succesfull in my eyes and so i reactivated my graphic factory. And there's no ending in sight.

When i'm ready with com buildings i will proceed to draw ind buildings. And then... We will see.

I really hope there's nobody bothered about the (mostly) daily previews.  :-)



QuoteI really hope there's nobody bothered about the (mostly) daily previews.  :-)

I can assure you it is a daily joy to watch them! I would be happy if I had only 1% of your drawing capabilities...  :thumbsup:
Bob Marley: No woman, no cry

Programmer: No user, no bugs

Alex. Brose

Thank you very much! ...Hungry, my friends? ;D


If you had a flattr account, I'd love to throw money at you :D

Alex. Brose

Hehe. See: Your compliments are worth much more any donations. :-)

Alex. Brose


Edit: modern office building

Alex. Brose

Modern office building:

Skyscraper city (no new buildings, sorry):

Alex. Brose

Early 80's:


Quote from: Alex. Brose on March 31, 2013, 02:49:54 PM
Skyscraper city (no new buildings, sorry):
Sorry?!? You're making more buildings than China. :D

Alex. Brose

Haha. I'm also making China. That's the reason. ;)


Well someone is on a killing spree ;D
You have inspired me to play pak192.Comic and I like the style
And I saw that you  you don't have any Harbor tiles yet.
Since we are working on them for pak128 I made some for pak192 to.
Maybe you can make some waterfront buildings Alex to inspire someone to draw some ships for the pak
Anyway keep up the good work  ;) [size=78%] [/size]