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"replace stop" crashes simutrans - what is it good for anyway?

Started by jarauh, August 25, 2008, 08:21:07 PM

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Using "replace stop" in the special building menu crashes my simutrans. There is also no help for this feature. Since I play German, where this command is called "move stop", I tried to use it to change the place where a train/bus stops. Apparently one has to click on one stop and then on another, else there will be an error message. However this often leads to a program crash if used for bus stops. The error message on the command prompt is:
FATAL ERROR: vector_tpl<T>::[]
index out of bounds: 0 not in 0..-1

(100.0 with pak64)



As far as I see there still is no help for "replace stop" - what does it do?


Moves a stop to another location a changes the schedule of all things, that had this stop in their schedule (including lines).