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[patch] profiling without graphics

Started by gerw, June 16, 2009, 05:24:10 PM

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With this patch (and compiling with PROFILE = 2) graphic will be disabled for more accurate profiling of the computational parts. Fast forward will be set directly. Usage of the switches "load" and "until" is recommended ;)

(stdlib.h in koord.h is needed when comiling without DEBUG, at least at ubuntu).


Since I need a server version for network without display, I planned the same stuff. But it must hide also the banner and must not use fast forward, thus same but different in this case ...


The profiling version actually has a display, but it's not used. But for the server, it's of course better, when it hasn't a display at all. I guess, we need a with 0 bit graphic ;)

Should I have a look on it?


I think most changes are rather needed to the event system and such, i.e. apart from not calling the update, there is also no need for an event loop. At least for windows and the SDL version. There could be a or so, that takes care of that and simply just not init graphics (or only a default 64x64 pixel thing .... Because simgraphics is doing nothing really system related. It could be kept and not affecting the total system much.


New version

It contains simgraph0 and simsys_posix, which provides a full 0-bit graphic :D


Ahh, zero-bit graphics: that's almost as good as monochrome ;-)
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In trunk.

(stdlib.h is included in koord.h twice).