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City Buildings

Started by wlindley, December 26, 2009, 05:08:49 PM

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So it's OK that we would have two rotations from one png and the other two from another?  Perhaps a little reorganization (reorganisation?) is in order.

With the shops, the pub (.0.0 - .0.3) should really be in its own png file, as it is quite different.  I have made a 1950pubs.png which has a pub, a deli, and a fish-n-chips shop.  The latter two accept small quantities of meat and flour, and fish and flour, respectively.  So that would move the pub out, and then there's plenty of room for all the other 1950s buildings.

I also note that in the current dat files, the 1750-clothes-shop, bakery, bookshop, butchery, chemist, fishmongers, furniture-shop, greengrocers, hardware-shop, newsagent all have "rear view" of 1950shops.3.0 and 1950shops.3.3 although those should all be .2.0 and .2.3 ... oops.  My mistake, probably because the news-stand, which has an external stairway, should also have been its own .png file.

I know we talked about the deli and chip shop before but perhaps some adjustments are in order.  For example, there were certainly book-shops in 1750 (currently in-game they are introduced 1860); although large paper mills did not start until 1860, we could add a "cottage-size" paper mill... likewise, wool was spun directly by weavers in cottages until circa 1765 (idea: introduce Weavers Cottage); from 1765 to 1820, wool would have gone to a Spinning Mill (not a Textile Mill) and from spinning to a weavers cottage and thence to a clothes store.

Dairies and canneries also need this sort of update.

If I had access to a 'branch' in svn or git, I would move all the industry/*.png to industry/images/*.png and remix the various shop images to be more consistent.  All the moving and editing might get a little cumbersome to explain and replicate in the official repository, but I'm happy to do whatever's appropriate.