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Fish horse car, sand ship and canal crossing

Started by Paretje, June 20, 2009, 03:34:50 PM

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I've made some little add-ons, based on default graphics since I'm not a graphical wonder and just editing some files in The GIMP. But, maybe somebody of you can make better images for it ;)

Well, the first one, I made him a long time ago to transport fish in 1805:

Download (source + pak)

I made the sand ship last week, because I wanted a towing ship for sand:

Download (source + pak)

And, today, I made the canal corssing. Yesterday, when I went to the "Grote Markt" in Veurne, we had to wait for some ships, and then I thought: well, that's something missing in Simutrans. So, I've made it, based on the crossing for rails. The only thing what's missing is the fact that the road is standing when the bridge is open for the ships.

Download (source + pak)

Old screenshots:


That's the best approach. If you need something and it doesn't exist, then try to create it. You have the sources (graphics and dat files) at the SVN and we can provide you help here, at the forum. Your case is a good example for all people that have lots of thing in mind but they don't have enough artistic skills. Well done.

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