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Wooden Rail Bridge

Started by Paretje, June 20, 2009, 06:05:42 PM

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Well, in case of rail ways, I was always missing an old wooden bridge for my trains and trams. You don't always need 100 km/h speed, so this could be interesting as a cheap alternative.

Download (source + pak)


You could achive the same though by tram tracks on top of the wooden road bridge ...


Yes, but doing this in the game is very expensive (40+40), and i's meant to be very cheap for in the early years.

When you mean adding the tram rail on the wooden road: that's what I've done. This is an other image included in the source, but not used in the game. I used this image because it looks more like a rail bridge, since it looks much stronger, which is necessary to look realistic that it doesn't break driving a big passenger train, or bulk train on it.

Isaac Eiland-Hall