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Author Topic: Problem when downloading Pak128 - "The compressed Folder is corrupted or invalid  (Read 2656 times)

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When i try downloading pak 128 from sourceforge and unzipping it, an error message comes up which tells me that the folder is invalid or corrupted.

Does anyone know whats wrong and how i can fix it? ???

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I've just downloaded it and it works perfect...what file are you trying to download?


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I tried to download it from another mirror this time and now it worked.

It seems to be a proplem with the swedish mirror which i downloaded it from the first time.

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A5e10: I am not sure but I think you used MSIE instead Mozilla Firefox for downloading of file in gzipped tarball format. MSIE is able to download only zip and rar format files well - within version 7.

If you want to download anything, use Mozilla Firefox.