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Challenges - where to go from here?

Started by LeifInge, June 29, 2009, 07:04:59 PM

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After all the activity in the rogaland challenge thread, I would love to follow it up somehow. THe question is: how?
There is in my opinion many ways to do it:
1. We could just make a new map, similar to the Rogaland Challenge. And see how people is doing after x number of years.
2. We could make a scenario with a goal to do in the shortest amount of time
3. We could make a scenario where you take over a company after som years, with different achivments.
4. We could smaller challenges, playable in under a hour.

I also wonder if there is any interest in makin some kind of scoring system, any suggestions on how to do that?

Waiting to hear your thought and ideas :)


Great if there is a new challenge. I have seen Ragoland
enough now, with all those fish-shops :-)
I have tried to beat my own record of 32000 population
about 30 times, but it seems it is not possible (for me)

I like most your ideas 2 and 4.
Idea 4, maybe an hour, but 2 or 3 hours is okay for
me too.

Perhaps still another idea for a challenge?
A scenario, where it is a mess, and is not profitable.
The goal is, to clean the mess, and as soon as possible
fixing a profitable company. Something like marge= 1.00
or 0,10 or exactly zero.



1) Avoid Bankruptcy as long as possible. One of the saves of Ragoland i looked at was a loss making game with seemed just a matter of time before it failed.  So bad it looked impossible to survive. Struggling on was quite appealing.

2) Game swaps.  We all play, in the same week, the same save for 6months. Best result is uploaded for us all to play the following week. (Each week we build on the best result).  Each week the 'best' criteria alters..we might play for growth one week, profit the next, cash flow, etc.  We can score that quite easily.   If 7 play the winner gets 7 points, second gets 6 and so on.  If next week 9 play..then winner gets 9 points, 2nd gets 8 points etc etc.

3) Grow one town as big as possible in 3 years.

4) Transport as much coal in 5 years as possible to a set destination.

5) Build a rail route through difficult terrain, with very limited funds. Then run an agreed loco and wagons, loaded, over the route. Fastest journey time is the winner.

6) We all play the same save for one game year.  Then pass it on like pass the parcel. Everyones game gets continued by another. Each person plays a different 'player' and must not touch the network built by the other preceding players.  We end up with saves we have each contributed to.  No competition.  Show some of your best bits as screen shots in forum.

I think the possibilities are endless.  Competitive, or collaborative. 

Isaac Eiland-Hall

One possibility might be to have the game creator create a map with existing lines -- but one that will, if left unchecked, go bankrupt in a few years (so this might be a pain to get right) - but with a little money so that the player's job is to optimize all the bad decisions their predecessor made....


I'm the creator of the unprofitable companies.

BTW,how about someone with a good CPU and a lot of Ram to create a 1024x1024(maybe 2048x2048) map,on which we play for 2 weeks,again and again,the same map,till 1 year(a real year) has passed.How much people think this is realistic?

Yes,I'm the one with the save that leads to failure.Trying new tactics.
The Green Mage of Darkness living in the summer hell and in the country where it snows till May with -21 *C  ;D


I think a real-year might be a little long for a challenge.  Unless you had mini-challenges involving that map, and building upon previous months to keep it interesting.


As the current challenge is about city growth and net about the next one being transporting as many finished goods to a particular materialswholsaler/shopping centre?   Will make for a different sort of game to the currrent one.


Nah, I'd prefer a challenge where you're supposed to get all the villages above a certain population AND get your net-wealth higher than a certain amount too :D


Good,but the map is so big anyway that you can build to nearly endless(that's why I choosed to make the playing time one real year),but still the problem is the creator of the map.
The Green Mage of Darkness living in the summer hell and in the country where it snows till May with -21 *C  ;D


I would also love to see smaller challenges where your supposed to solve one singel task in the best way possible. Such challenges have the benefits of being easy to join and complete, as well as making it easy to learn from each other.

I have some thoughts on how to do this, but at the moment I just got a new full time job as dad, so I cant promise anything right now,


I would like to take over a bad looking save...and try to survive.  Winner is longest survivor or maximum profits after two years.  This concept was mentioned by two others.   Anyone else interested?

Has anyone got a mess of a game ..that they will admit to and will share?

Congratulations on being a Dad LeifInge!



The small challenge where you have two islands and need to avoid bankruptcy has been moved.  Its now got a thread of its own.

This thread remains for discussion of new ideas please.

One idea I have is a game and a small group of players.  
- Each player is in charge of only one type of transport.  
-The Railway player plays for 6months, saves, then passes the game over to the Road player,
- Road player plays 6months saves, then the sea player 6months, tram player etc, air.etc etc.then back to rail player.  
- Only one player at a time can play this game..and it may take many days , even a week before you get the game back.
- You must not touch any other type of transport
- We all play the same player..just take it in turns as we pass the save around.
This will force us to think carefully about creating a network that will work without you being able to look after it, force you to look at what others have done to see if you can build on their network, and how to help the players that follow.


Wouldn´t it be cool if there was a challenge with only alternative transport (Monorail and Maglev and possibly Tram or Trolleybusses) (that was a retorical question :p)