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[Guidelines] How to post a Saved Game

Started by IgorEliezer, July 04, 2009, 07:35:55 AM

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Saved Games

There are simple things that we recommend you follow so that members can appreciate your saved game and you receive comments:

1) Saved Game board is only for topics opened with saved games available to download.

2) Upon posting your saved game, on the 1st post:

2.1. You must provide one or more links from where players can download your saved game;

2.2. If your saved game uses add-ons, you must provide the links from where players can download needed add-ons;

2.3. Write something about your saved game, be creative, and don't forget to tell the pakset and version of Simutrans;

2.4. Screenshots are optional, but they help a lot.

To host saved games, files and images, you can use Simutrans file hosting or any reliable file hosting and image hosting.

About features of Simutrans file hosting

Simutrans file hosting now creates automatically a clicable thumbnail for images that have more than 128 kB filesize.

You just need to use this code in your posts:


Replace FILENAME with the name of your file, and EXTENSION with file extension. Example: