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Underground Trains

Started by chrisrose1993, July 14, 2009, 04:01:13 PM

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I think that I have fixed this on the Experimental version: the graphics are on my Github repository. This problem is caused either by the black windows being too close to the edges, causing a loss of the separation between the black background and black windows that causes the windows to be replaced with the background colour when replacing the black background automatically, or using the fill tool with a tolerance of more than 0. In this case, I suspect the former problem.

Incidentally, I should note that only the refurbished A, C and D stock had the windows at the non-driving ends of the carriages: the unrefurbished examples of these units, together with R stock and O/P stock, had no windows at the ends of the carriages apart from the window in the connecting door, which is contrary to what is portrayed in the images (although this is only seen briefly when the units turn a corner).

Incidentally, are there any plans to release the .blend files for these?
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