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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 6.0

Started by jamespetts, July 25, 2009, 06:39:36 PM

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A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: 6.0. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

The new version contains several fixes from Simutrans-Standard, fixes a number of bugs identified by users of this forum, adds a new distance scaling system (discussed in some detail here): see below for a full list of changes. Because of the changes to the scale, it is important to update the configuration files when updating to this version. See above for the link.

The major version number has incremented as the saved game formats are incompatible due to differences in the climates dialogue box. I also considered it expedient to increment the major version number to indicate the major change relating to scales.


  • ADD: New scaling system (see here for a discussion). Now, most distances are measured in kilometres and converted into tiles at a proportion specified in the distance_per_tile setting in (default: 200m / tile or 4 tiles / km). Bridge lengths for all purposes remain measured in tiles, but way purchase and maintenance costs, tunnel purcahse and maintenance costs, way object purchase and maintenance cost and vehicle running costs (but not purchase or fixed maintenance costs) are all scaled according to this setting. Pakset settings specifying distances are all assumed to be in kilometres, not tiles, except those referring to bridge lengths. UI updated accordingly. All values specifying distances are now (unless otherwise specified in the code comments) in kilometres not tiles. The distance_per_tile setting in replaces the journey_time_multiplier_percent setting, and works for journey times in the same way as previously but also has the added functionality described previously.
  • FIX: Vehicle running costs would sometimes be set to the wrong (and far too high) values. (See here for a report)
  • CHANGE: Updated the credits
  • CODE: Remove old commented-out code
  • CHANGE: "Hilly landscape" setting is now saved.
  • ADD: Cities are now more likley to be built on lower ground than on higher grond. The higher the ground, the less likely that a city is to be built on it. This is optional, and can be disabled by the "cities ignore height" setting in the climates dialogue.
  • CHANGE: Minor optimisations to city creation on map generation.
  • CHANGE: The waiting times of passengers/goods who have waited so long at a stop that they have given up waiting are now taken into account when calculating the waiting times for that stop.
  • FIX: Uninitialised vehicle variables (Hanczar)
  • FIX: Occasional crashes when opening a depot window.
  • FIX: Fix possible crash caused by convoy-less lines and fix misplaced Display Menu item [Knightly]

Feedback and testing

Thank you to all those who have given feedback on the discussions of the new scaling system and have reported bugs in version 5.1 - as ever, it is much appreciated. A number of the bugs identified above were only identified by users of this forum identifying them.

Any further testing and feedback would be very much appreciated. In particular, bug reports, feedback on how the new scaling feature works, information on how well that Simutrans-Experimental is balanced compared to Simutrans-Standard (too easy? too hard? And, if so, why?), as well as any other general feedback or Simutrans-Experimental specific tips or strategies. In the meantime - happy playing!
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