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Where are the language files?

Started by frenchy86, July 31, 2009, 02:37:03 PM

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It seems that simutrans/text/*.tab files are missing in the archive available on SourceForge. I had to copy them from a "compiled" archive to run the game.


These files' contents are maintained in the SimuTranslator, from where they can be downloaded.


If you run from the trunk, they will be downloaded automatically.


Hi !

The script may have evolved since this last post. But the point is, it won't do its job on my mac (intel, snow leopard). It appears to be making assumptions as to where the compiled simutrans is located, but I am not script-savvy enough to figure out what and where, let alone correct it.

Using configure/make on my machine without flags will create a folder build/default. And as for the strip command I spot in the script, the executable created in the build output folder is called sim.

Can you and would you have time to evolve the script to work on a mac (like mine) ? I am willing to provide any further info that you need. Find the output (stderr+stdout) it gives at the moment attached here.


Actually, there is now a script called whcih does the trick too.