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Author Topic: [New release] Simutrans-Experimental 6.2  (Read 1485 times)

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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 6.2
« on: August 01, 2009, 07:41:36 PM »
A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: 6.2. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

Version 6.2 contains a number of bug fixes, optimisations and enhancement, and additionally merges in all the latest updates from Simutrans-Standard. A full list of changes follows.

  • ADD: Tooltips for the city list chart
  • ADD: Tooltips for the message options dialogue
  • CHANGE: Each packet of passengers/mail will now have only one destination range and journey time tolerance, instead of one for each destination.
  • CHANGE: Improved consistency in checking distances when passengers decide whether or not to use their private cars.
  • FIX: City cars with destinations did not always spawn when they should.
  • FIX: Where passengers have a private car but do not use it because that journey exceeds their journey time tolerance, they were incorrectly recorded as "too slow" even if the reason that they did not use player transport was something other than time tolerance.
  • CHANGE: Replace formulas with something mathematically equivalent [Knightly]
  • CHANGE: Remove an unnecessary variable [Knightly]
  • CHANGE: Fixes and minor optimisations for step_passagiere() [Knightly]
  • CODE: Refactored "journey_time_multiplier" to "distance_per_tile" throughout the code.
  • FIX: Possible rounding inaccuracies when calculating average speed.
  • CHANGE: Some minor optimisations.
  • FIX: Building power lines resulted in a large quantity of money being added to a player's account
  • FIX: Sorting by origin (amount) did not work for stops.
  • CHANGE: Passengers and goods now make more intelligent decisions about whether to board a convoy other than the one that travels the fastest to their next transfer.
  • CHANGE: Slight optimisations in the routine for loading and unloading goods at stops.
  • FIX: Saving a game re-set the scale.
  • CHANGE: Updated colour of the "passengers" graph in the city list window to match that in the city window.
  • FIX: Crash on generating map with "cities ignore heights" enabled.
  • CHANGE: Optimised way constraints checking.

Feedback and testing

Thank you very much to those who tested and provided feedback on version 6.1 - it is very much appreciated. Many of the bugs fixed and issues addressed in this latest version were identified by testers on this forum, to whom I am very grateful. Any further testing and feedback would be very much appreciated, including bug reports, analysis of how the new features affect gameplay and strategy, balance issues, and anything else pertinent.

Happy playing!