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Czech busses Karosa by Cizurator

Started by TommPa9, August 12, 2009, 01:13:45 PM

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Very nice I like it.
I like the scale and the painting itself, what I would suggest that you could consider to apply player colours and articulated versions as well. Also in my opinion you could try to match vehicle data with existing vehicles at the pak, your buses are to cheap in maintenance and in my opinion speeds are set to high. I would suggest to make 12 meter buses a bit shorter because when you try create longer buses they'll become very long and it would look odd in the game.
Generally very very good job!!!   


Hello.... so my busses were found :-D I hope you'll like them...

When I was creating those my sweathearts, I gave them real max. speed and I think, that I made thier graphics as real as possible... they might be awful, if they were shorter... But thanks for commendation!

Zdravim, TommPa9 :-)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Welcome! :-)

I think they're very nice looking.


These buses are amazing! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
They also look very good, too good, actually, wayy nicer than the real world ones.
Great job


They are very similar to the ones from my city. I use them a lot because they are very realistic

[ES] Se Parecen muchos a los de mi ciudad Los uso mucho por que son my realista

No era para acerte asustar,yo te dije que te iba a buscar,yo te avise,los trapos te robe,vos decias que eras la mas popular pero con central no te plantas,sos un C.....,te cuida el batallon.Central vos mi pasion,locura de mi vida,sentimiento que entendemos los que damos la vida por vos,aunque hoy no me des la gloria ya me alcanza con que existas...Esta es la banda canalla llegaron LOS GUERREROS,Re loco donde juegues,esta es tu gente y aunque estemos en las malas y nos fuimos al decenso,vos sos un sentimiento NUNCA TE VOY A ABANDONAAAAAR
Saludos Atte. Canalla.