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C'hoari Brezhoneg
« on: August 14, 2009, 11:21:33 AM »
C'hoari Brezhoneg


My current Savegame, C'hoari Brezhoneg, is played using pak.Hajo which runs well on my netbook - I use only two addons, the Choose-Signal and the End-Of-Choose-Signal from pak64.
C'hoari Brezhoneg itself is a breton expression that means "Breton game". As you can probably guess from its name, each city has a Breton name.
If you want to know the translation of any Breton word, just ask me.
I use Simutrans 102.0 and the newest pak.Hajo version.

After having played the game for 32 years, it's now arrived in 1962 and just on New Year's Eve I connected the last city to my network.


In 1961 I transported 261,617 people - well that sounds not that much, but consider that in my game, the biggest town called "Kerhir" has got
only 12,098 inhabitants, followed by "Konk Kerne" having 4946 inhabitants. The two smallest towns are "Coat Wrac'h" (874 inh.) and "Goat" the
mayor of which rules over 949 people.
Well, you see, the names of these cities are all Breton: Kerhir is "big town" in Breton, "Konk Kerne" is the name for a region (Concarneau)
which is in Breton; "Coat Wrac'h" is "Witch-Forest" in English while "Goat" just means "Forest". But there are even more towns as you can see from the map below.

Currently, I have got 25,340,878.82 credits cash: I achieved 4,902,473.32 credits in 1961 while the operational profit was 3,631,528.15 credits.


On the entire map (I don't know its actual size :-( ) I use only 65 convois - that's because the biggest part of the map is still empty.
I use only 3 Buses (1 Serj-Maxi-Taxi and 2 so called "autobus") because most cities are so small that all their tiles are covered by the
train station and the post office ;-). Then, I use 2 Pantheresses - each with a capacity of 360 passengers - to offer a fast transport from the
south (stops: Kerhir, Gwaien) to the north (stops: Transit, Ker Brezhoneg, Eurioù).

One small train (German: Schienenbus) is used to connect the small village of "Beg Meil" to Eurioù and the high-speed network.

One TPI Dm8 is used to connect Kerbihan and Coat Wrac'h to Konk Kerne and the high-speed trains.

Also, I use 10 "TPI S220" of which 1 connects "Keriadenn Reter" to Goat (where you can change trains to Konk Kerne, Gwaien and Kerhir).
Next, 4 TPI S220 are used as an Metro in Kerhir - there were buses before that, but every station was overcrowded so I switched to underground trains.
Then, 1 TPI S220 is used as a regional train that connects Kornaoueg and Harzoù to Eurioù and the high-speed network (BTW, this is the most recent train line).
The next 3 TPI S220 connect Konk-Kerne without interchanges to Kerhir. Trains on this line stop in Goat (where there is connection to Keriadenn Reter)
and in Gwaien. At last, 1 TPI S220 offers a fast train transport from Kerhir to Locmaria and Gouere in the south

For industry infrastructure, I use 12 "WF Ultd. Kipper MK2" which transport coal and stones; 1 BR228 transporting coal; 11 BR218 of which 5 transport ore,
4 others wood and 2 transport coal. Then I use 4 MJHN Avocet to transport coal to a power station near Kerhir and last but not least 13 MJHN Deltic of which 7 transport coal and 6 stones.


Of course, the biggest stations are still busy: the two busiest stations are "Kerhir Porz-Houarn" (Porz-Houarn is the Breton term for "train station")
with 1,001 passengers waiting and "Konk Kerne Porz-Houarn" with 730 passengers waiting.

Big interchange stations are Kerhir, where trains of the lines Gouere-Locmaria-Kerhir; Kerhir-Gwaien-Goat-Konk Kerne; and Kerhir-Gwaien-Ker Brezhoneg-Eurioù (that's the pantheress' line) stop.
Then, another big interchange station is Eurioù where the high-speed line to Kerhir ends: One can change trains to Beg-Meil, Harzoù and Kornaoueg.
Another big interchange station is Transit/Konk-Kerne (Transit is situated a bit south of Konk-Kerne) where you can change to trains heading for Ker Brezhoneg,
Eurioù, Goat, Kerhir, Gwaien, Coat Wrac'h and Kerbihan.
At last, Goat is a smaller interchange station - although it is situated at the four-track-wide-high-speed line the Pantheresses don't stop there:
It is possible to change between trains of the line Kerhir-Konk Kerne and the train towards Keriadenn Reter only.


a): Map

b): Kerhir from above and underground
Kerhir's underground is very busy:

c):Konk Kerne

The small train at the bottom is heading for Coat Wrac'h and Kerbihan, while the TPI S220 is heading for Transit-Goat-Gwaien-Kerhir.

d): Transit

While the Pantheress is heading for Eurioù, one TPI S220 leaves Transit towards Kerhir and another one is heading for Konk Kerne

e): Eurioù

f): Pictures from Goat

You can see the TPI S220 heading for Kerhir leaving Goat Porz-Houarn on the left and the smaller TPI S220 leaving the station on the right towards Kêriadenn Reter.

g): Pictures from high-speed lane

A bit north of Gwaien, at the end of the four-track-wide high-speed lane, one Pantheress heading for Kerhir meets one TPI S220 towards Konk Kerne

Two trains of the line Kerhir - Konk Kerne meeting the train of the line Goat - Kêriadenn Reter.

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Re: C'hoari Brezhoneg
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2009, 05:56:45 PM »
Thanks for the many pictures and account of your game MoTw.

How long in real time have you been playing this save and was the ability to run this version on your notebook the only reason you chose this set up?

The cities and industry..were they from the initial spawn and do you change to public player to edit the cities/industries?

What next in the game?  The tourist attractions?

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Re: C'hoari Brezhoneg
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2009, 06:07:05 PM »
Thanks for your response! (I thougth nobody had read it  :-[ ).

Well, I think, I played this game for about ~3 weeks. But I changed to fast forward sometimes, but only for timetable corrections.

Yes, I think, it was the only reason. I ran pak128 before, but it wasn't that fast. But it was possible.

I did not found any industry that wasn't on the map before - as you can see, in Kerhir there is enough for me  :D
But yes, I changed to public player and founded 3 cities:

a): Gouere & Locmaria because Kerhir was so lonely on the bottom of the map and it was boring that the biggest city was so isolated from the rest so there was no possibility to build up sub-urban network in the south...
b): I founded Goat because I needed a connection stop for the train towards Kêriadenn Reter - I didn't want to let it run towards Kerhir because trains would block the fast-rails...

Well, I think, I'm going to connect industries in the north, then I'm going to to improve the efficiency of my passenger network... And then, probably tourist attractions, yes.

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Re: C'hoari Brezhoneg
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2009, 10:55:38 PM »
Hi MoTw

The unique combination of version/addon that you are using might turn off some people from commenting.  It will almost certainly mean fewer will download it as (I assume) it wont work unless they also have those same pak and addon files.  I first saw your post a few days ago during a quick couple of minutes from an internet PC in my holiday €1 euro for 10mins I was too tight to fork out for extra time to do a response whilst on holiday.

Adding tourist industry will almost certainly cause increased passenger flows and another round of passenger efficiency/capacity changes...that is if your pak works the same way as most others.

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Re: C'hoari Brezhoneg
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2010, 07:39:23 PM »
I dont speak very good english
will you upload it again? the link does not go! Thanks! (Podes subirlo otra vez? El link no funciona, Gracias! )

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Re: C'hoari Brezhoneg
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2010, 01:43:12 PM »
Yes. But you have to wait because I have to look for the sve file in the depths of my hard drive  ;) Probably tomorrow.