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New Challange

Started by Anime, August 18, 2009, 05:44:42 PM

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When will a new challange 'start'? I really liked the rogaland challange but the other challanges seemed to have flopped :(



Hello Anime

The lack of interest in recent challenges is not encouraging. Ive no plans to do another challenge.

Feel free to make one if you wish.  Have you any ideas you want to try?


Yeah, I'm not really that good at making challanges nor am I very original when in comes to ideas.
I agree about those recent challanges, nobody replied to hApo's challange and I don't think there's much interest in your challange either :( (I want LeifInge to come up with a good idea )
But if people are interested I could make a poll so we can discover what people want a challange to contain.


Well it is a little bit sad that so few people are interested in
challenges. I love it.
- The Rogaland I played with all pleasures.
- The Vann challenge is not a really challenge I think, so
I did not play it. (overcrowded with industries)
- The bankrupt avoid I only tried, but could not make
anything of it
- The old castle challenge is nothing for me. Too many
rules. I dont blame the author: it is only a personal
- I really like the long island challenge, and have been
very busy with it. But if there are no other people
playing, then it's not fun for me to go on with it.

I am considering to construct a new challenge, but
untill now I did not, because I am afraid there are
no people interested.


Well, I'm interested but its no fun to play a challange with a few people. I liked the Rogaland challange because so much people played :x