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Poll: Simutrans TV

Started by vilvoh, August 27, 2009, 09:20:58 PM

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Since some time ago, at the ES subforum we're trying to found an online TV about Simutrans. The idea was from Aglezabad, and originally it was going to be a channel of videos, broadcasted continously in a loop. The problem is the same as always lack of time and lots of other projects pending. So at this point, we have considered whether it makes sense to continue with the project, or it's enough with youtube videos. So, please vote and give your opinion. The poll with be open during a month, and it only shows the results if you vote (it's a little trick to force people to vote, I know... ::))

You have more details about the progresses of SimutransTV project at this thread (it's from the ES subforum, so it's in spanish)

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


I guess I'm too old fashioned for these kind of things...
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Instead of creating a site for Simutrans videos, a Simutrans channel in YouTube wouldn't be a bad idea.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote from: IgorTekton on August 27, 2009, 10:05:08 PM
Instead of creating a site for Simutrans videos, a Simutrans channel in YouTube wouldn't be a bad idea.
I think this would be the better idea.

I think the problem wiht SimutransTV is that the community is way too small, and there's not enough content - and ultimately, besides how-to videos and "hey look at my map", what exactly would someone want to spend time watching, really?

And I don't mean to be critical of the idea - but I think the whole point of media is that it's shifting from what would now be an artificial having to wait for the video you wanted to watch to watching on-demand.

On the other hand, what's the problem with having a TV-like interface? As long as the videos were also made on-demand, why not? The worst case would be a lot of work to set it up and nobody watching.

So, while I did vote "no", my opinion is rather more nuanced. :)


the basic idea is to have videos on demand, mostly how-to for easier or more complkex issues.
these video could be stored/accessed as a page of


Usually I don't watch TV, probably because TV timetables usually don't match with mine :)
As a consequence, I'd rather prefer an on-demand style site where I can say: "I want to watch this and that, and I want to watch it now!".

So my vote goes to "It's enough with a simple site with videos", despite having a TV channel sounds fashion 8)


I would have to say I agree with Isaac here, not only is this the simplest way for video, but it also increases the exposure of Simutrans. Youtube video's are also embeddable in other sites like blogs and so on, so I could easily see vids recorded, embedded somewhere, and added into this channel too. All of which are good for a relatively small community.
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