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Problem with and with

Started by jonasbb, February 15, 2010, 12:30:31 PM

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I have two problems with ST webpages.

The first problem is, that do not work since a longer time.
At first I got a blank page and now I get a message like

The other problem is, that output a error message for HTTP code 500 (server error)
QuoteError establishing a database connection

If this is the wrong place please move the topic to the correct place.



Hellmade asked to modify the PHP script with some anti DOS attack code. The Load 116.61 is a warning from those modifications, that the server once again is overloaded.

I don't know where to move this thread. This information is relevant for Hellmade mostly. It is not a bug in the site.


Move it to Documentation and Resources or to Web team, but I think jonasbb won't have access to that board.

EDIT: Arghh!! it's true. The blog is not working!!  :o

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