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Denied Extension Requests - Will never happen (unless we get some volunteers)

Started by Ashley, September 04, 2008, 12:43:31 PM

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This is a list of often-requested extensions which will never happen (or at least not in the foreseeable future). Note: This is not to say that these extensions are undesirable, if you have the time and skills please do undertake implementing one of them!

Denied for gameplay reasons (these won't be implemented because they don't add anything to the game, or would adversely affect gameplay):

  • Shares & stock market, taxes, interest
  • Disasters, accidents and vehicle breakdowns
  • Nuclear power, military and other controversial game elements (although there may exist 3rd-party pak files that add those)
  • Toll stations/booths (discussed here). Currently, Player toll gates were implemented (see here).
  • Tilting trains (discussed here). However, you can find them in Simutrans Experimental.
Denied for complexity reasons (these changes would take so long to implement -and would break so many parts of the program- that the reward would not be worth the time invested):

  • True 3D (this would mean that nearly everything would have to be done from scratch). However, there are some effort to make it possible, see here.
  • Double tracks (two tracks on one tile).
  • Cars on ferries (or any other method of transporting a convoy/vehicle with another) (see here)
  • Disassembling and reassembling of trains (or other convoys) outside of depots, e.g. at a switching yard station.
Not totally denied, but also not likely to be implemented, due to the huge amount of work these ideas will cause

  • Multiplayer (This is highly desirable however, so any serious, coordinated development effort in that direction will be appreciated.) Multiplayer/network support is already possible.
  • Highways/Two-lane one-way roads. There are some discussions on how to make it possible here (code implementation topic) and here (idea gathering topic).
  • Overtaking (it has been integrated).
  • Normal city buildings (RES, COM, IND) covering more than one tile (needs makeover of the cityrules system) (see here)works since 121.0
  • Different graphics for vehicles on slopes (the number of necessary views per vehicle would be doubled by this, or tripled if half-height tiles would also be used; the largest part of the whole work is on the painters' side) (discussed here); similar: more vehicle views in curves
  • Level changes in tunnels (not rejected entirely, but the current underground mode is deemed to be sufficient at the moment) (details). Implemented (Look here.)
  • Train/bus stations on curves and diagonals (details)
Denied for other reasons:

  • Certain ideas for making vehicle revenue calculation more realistic and fine-grained (needs more hardware resources, may slow down the program too much, might make the game even harder to understand for players).
  • Timetables, or vehicles waiting for other vehicles at a station (GUI and handling would be rather complicated) (There exists a waiting logic that covers both waiting time and filling level).

2009-05-19 by whoami: interest; tilting trains in ST-exp; overtaking integrated; new underground mode with slopes
2012-01-07 by IgorEliezer: Topic spruce-up. Multiplayer full implemented; Gates implemented (Player tolls); True 3D and Highways on discussion.
2019-02-13 by prissi: Multitile buildings
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