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Stable: Simutrans 102.2 (r2786)

Started by prissi, October 18, 2009, 12:01:33 PM

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New stable, with lots of detail improvements on appearance, stability and playing with large maps.

User with MS Windows can use the automatic online installer, which makes even portable installations and puts addons where they belong.

Windows native (new) (needs unicows.dll for Win9x)
Window with SDL (new)
Linux with SDL und SDL_mixer (new)
BeOS with Allegro (new)
Mac with SDL (work in progress)

Do not forget to download a matching pak file!

pak64 Basis (new)
64pak food industry addon (new)
64pak waste addon (different download location; the file is still the same as for version 99.13)

pak64 german (new)

pak64 HAJO für 102.0

pak96 Comic

pak128 Version 1.4.5

Pak128 JAPAN for 101.0

Pak128.britain (alpha)
Pak128.britain for 102.2

makeobj 50
Windows (new)
Linux (new)
BeOS (new)

Release of 102.2 (r2785)

   CHANGE: cursor now works with full 3d-coordinates
   ADD: (mostly gerw) sparse data and overlay in main map for passenger destinations
   ADD: No connections found via overcrowded stops, if overcrowded flag active
   ADD: do not create goods/passenger/mail when the only route is over an overcrowded stop ( no_routing_over_overcrowded)
   ADD: more vehicle messages show in main screen
   CHANGE: ask for language only once (prepare for difficulty dialoge)
   ADD: UNDO for powerlines
   FIX: convoi details (and info- windows) were not always correctly (re)opened
   CHANGE: convoi, station and line handles autoextent their capacity
   FIX: chanhing schedule bz stop mover did not worked on open schedule windows
   CHANGE: climate dialoge now completely gui_numberinput_t
   CHANGE: convois will only choose stops that can fit their entire length
   FIX: (mostly gerw) tunnel maintenance costs
   ADD: (z9999) tunnel can have predefined way (new syntax, need new makeobj)
   ADD: completly ignore message button at beginning of dialoge
   CHANGE: faster map (non-isometric) on very large maps and no crashes with extremely large maps anymore
   ADD: paste letters under windows with CNTRL+V
   ADD: button "withdraw all" in line window
   CHANGE: cost values can now go up to 48 bit (should be enough for insanely high starting capital)
   CHANGE: addons can be put now into the user folder with the same name than the main pak folder
   CHANGE: skins are now read first from program dir/skin then from own dir/skin and then from pak set
   ADD: (gerw) dragging of wayobj and many other tools, adding wayobj-remover
   CHANGE: (Dwachs) better intercityroad creation
   ADD: (Dwachs) sliced underground mode
   ADD: (z9999) 8 layout for city buildings allow also closed corners
   ADD: (Dwachs) buying cityhouse will protect them from renovation
   ADD: Underground slope (in principle even compatible to older savegames) using standard slope tool
   ADD: changing slopes now also with objects on top
   ADD: (Dwachs) tram track can be build in road tunnels
   ADD: (gerw) click-and-drag for tunnels
   ADD: (Nathan Samson) allow left_to_right_graphs (=1 in
   ADD: (z9999) better display of depots in minimap
   ADD: (Dwachs) zooming of map with mousewheel
   ADD: switches change graphics for diagonal going trains (only eyecandy)
   ADD: ambient sound effects (for all grphics + forest + beaches)
   CHANGE: less lagging updating/rerouting after schedule chnages even with large stations
   ADD: (Dwachs) Public player can remove all
   ADD: two switches (-addons and -noaddons) to regulate loading of addons together with pakset
   CHANGE: (Dwachs) 2-5x faster city generation
   CHANGE: (Knightly) even faster routing of goods due to ignoring non-transfer stations in breath search
   ADD: switch to keep towns static
   ADD: (gerw) minimaps in city info window are clickable
   CHANGE: after 40 retrys, factory construction will ignore climates to avoid broken chains (if possible at all)
   ADD: citygrowth parameter configurable in
   ADD: setting dialog allow access to all settings also found in before starting a game

EDIT note: pak64 and pak128 URLs repaired, waste addon added once again; some strings translated, typos --whoami