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r2786 Win pak128 - Land next to the bridge on the mini-map

Started by Diegote, October 18, 2009, 06:32:19 PM

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If I build a bridge (for trains or vehicles), I save the game and then I load it, I show land next to the bridge on the mini-map

And then if I destroy the bridge, I save the game and then I load it, land continues on the mini-map.


Surely the land should be there anyway? - If it's the fact you can't see it, I'm not sure there.



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I confirmed the problem in r2794, too.
This is not a minimap problem. As Diegote reported, problem still appears after reloading the savegame.

BTW, #include "../gui/karte.h" is missing in r2794 and can't compile it.



Every save and reload adds 1 line of land, and if you see the animation below (4 screenshots after save and reload) , the map of water deeps is moving


Oh... awesome!!!

Simutrans has now tectonisms. We can see tectonic plates moving under the sea. ;D

Earthquake effect is the next step for v103? :P


Quote from: prissi on October 18, 2009, 10:44:07 PM
Well, after saving for me everything looked normal.

Hmm.. strange. I can still reproduce the problem in r2795

1. Build a bridge over sea.
2. Save this game.
3. Reload the savegame.
4. Remove the bridge.
5. Save the game again.
6. Reload the game again.
7. Open minimap window.

This proceeding is the same as the first report of Diegote.


I experience the same appearance of "phantom land" in the minimap. In my case, it is not associated with a bridge, but with artificial slopes on a southern shore. The "land" moves steadily to the south-east. Judging by the distance it has moved, the bug has been around for a few days, but less than a week.


bridge_ground set the grid height even though it should not.


I can reproduce Ters's problem.
It is really the same and it's not only bridge problem.


Yes, the grid height were not reset correctly. You can see this by increasing the land next to the bridge: It will make slopes. Should be corrected.