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Pak128 version 1.4.5 released!

Started by VS, May 15, 2009, 05:05:42 PM

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Hi all!
After the longer than intended period of inactivity, I finally got this one out.

DOWNLOAD pak128 1.4.5 (20.7 MB) for Simutrans 102.0

So - what's new? In short, not much. This release brings mostly small bugfixes like vehicle alignments and constraints. The notable changes include addition of rivers and reorganization of toolbars so that the map editing mode is finally truly distinctive.

English, Czech and German translations should be almost complete.

What changed slightly is distribution file format - instead of merging, vehicles and houses are now packaged each into their pak file. This change is result of player voting - if you don't like that, go there and vote ;)

Known bugs:
- Airport signs are shown over aircraft - unsolvable
- Some signals are displayed in wrong position - unsolvable

As usual - thanks to everyone who helped with something! TommPa9 did some graphics, DirrrtyDirk fixed quite a number of misaligned vehicles, and Frank & whoami fixed the SBB IC 2000 issue. I can't really tell who translated texts, but huge thanks to these people, too!

And sorry for taking so long with the release :(

history of pak128 svn - important changes for gameplay
(for full history or technical details see svn log)

   - remove all fixed factory supplier numbers (VS)
   - change refinery production - less gasoline, more plastics (VS)
   - do not merge city houses' pak files (VS)
   - New cabin for Tatra 815 truck line (VS, TommPa9)
   - fix some vehicles not showing on electric tab (VS)
   - do not merge vehicles' pak files (VS)
   - fix statues being the only lv60 buildings in early eras (VS)
   - update concrete truck graphics (VS)
   - intro date for road depot moved to 1810 (VS)
   - remove old entries from (VS)
   - fix late retire dates for tenders (VS)
   - another attempt to fix SBB IC2000 (whoami)
   - increased maintenance of gravel road from 20 to 50; numbers are recalculated for length of game month! (VS)
   - moved from special toolbar to editor toolbar: plant forest, found new city (VS)
   - replaced mail ship images for new version by Jakob Schaefer (VS)
   - rivers (Fabio)
   - fixed constraints on "Goods_trailer_1"
   - fixed Scania trucks alignment
   - fixed remaining Sentinel Trailers (DirrrtyDirk)
   - added cargo symbol to simple platform icon (DirrrtyDirk)
   - corrected dat file for Transformer(PowerSource) (DirrrtyDirk)
   - fixed Sentinel Trailer alignment (DirrrtyDirk)

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


To continue older savegames with Pak128 version 1.4.5 or nightly builds of Pak128, it may be necessary to copy certain .pak files from the
compatibility pack 1.4.4 into the Pak128 sub-folder (see Missing factories in Pak128 compatibility pack). This file collection hasn't been included in this official release (unlike version 1.4.4), and it's not part of the Pak128 nightly builds either.

If .pak files are missing when loading a savegame, then Simutrans will abort with a message like:
QuoteFATAL ERROR: fabrik_t::rdwr()
no besch for grain_farm

(Sorry for the late addendum to the announcement. I still keep stumbling over this problem.)