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Shipping Department setting sails

Started by JS, November 11, 2009, 02:23:12 PM

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As mentioned in other Posts shipping lacks substantial work in pak128. Annoying for me, cause I'm a friend of wet maps with many islands and early times. In some trials (I hadn't played for a long time) I found out that simutrans is NOT playable with ships even in the 30's. There too much bugs to tell any of them. And it seems like there's no personal to maintain the shipping department. Am I wrong??? Then tell!

So I hereby declare my will to work in the shipping department. But don't expect wonders.

What does this mean: 'work'?:

- collecting all ships with open license (and without, just to see, and maybe they will be free sometime). Is there anybody who did this already? The only ship I got is the one I did some years ago.

- Set 'standards' of timeline and availability: What kind and size of ship is needed at which time? What is the appropriate size of a (the biggest available) ship?

- According to this standards: Which ship is needed to be painted and who does the work? Can we borrow some from other paks?

- Pricing and balancing all ships. Before we can start with this, we need clear pricing and balancing rules. In the other posts this seems undiscussed. This is an own topic.

- Packing everything together.

Sounds simple. ääähhhm. Let's get it on.

Who has done some work on ships in recent times and can tell me what has been done already? Who will set sails with me?

Greets Jakob