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Pak48.Excentrique suggestions

Started by Nazalassa, October 13, 2023, 02:33:49 PM

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Hi all,

I have noticed that the default grey background clashes with the blue icons. So here is my suggestion to make it prettier: set an image for the background of the toolbar.
It can be done by defining symbol.ToolBackground:
Image[0]=> toolbarbackground.0.0
(and so on. Image[n] for toolbar[n].)


The image in toolbarbg.0.0 will be repeated until the end of the screen.
In attachment: the image, the .dat, and the .pak which just needs to be copied to the pak's directory if you want to try it.

Also: in config/, there are places where there are images with inspection tool binding, marked as "hacks: empty image with inspection tool binding".
It is possible to specify no tool like this:
I hope these suggestions are useful.
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As said you can how lots of dummy tool images.

Also only the main menu will show grey, the other images are transparent. THat is how pak192 have the slanted toolbars using dummy tools.