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Started by Spike, November 03, 2009, 03:12:11 PM

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Quote from: smu42 on February 27, 2010, 09:28:02 PM
This might become the most beautiful pakset ever! (no exaggeration)

Are you still working on this?

Thanks, makes me happy to hear you like the style :)

In between I've been busy with other things, but lately I feel more inspired to work on this some more. When I worked last on it, I just had made was a template for some vehicles, and want to pick up work right there again.

A long while I felt undecided if vehicles should come in player colors, or not. It turned out that it a noticeable amount of extra work ... meanwhile VS has made a tool though to convert images automagically to use player colors.

Still I think for this first try I want try vehicles with fixed, but strong and distinctive colors, also, if possible, light effects.


And so it begins ...


Hajo it's better stop with drugs. ;D

This pak is really fun, I laugh when the 'pedestrians?' started to appear. But the best I think is the bus, great design.

That's a new and different pakset. Continue this Ecstastrique job.


I get an error it can't read when I try to load it. What am I doing wrong?
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Hajo, could you please put a download link in the 1st post of topic?

And since the pak48.Excentrique is now a playable pakset, we could consider the possibility of including it in Pakset gallery of What do you think? :)


Perhaps a bug: I press t and the Simutrans closes. :<


Thank you all for the feedback :)

I'm not quite sure why the could cause a problem. But I see that I've still been using an older Simutrans version, and I should update this for testing and development, I guess. maybe testing with a new version gives more insight in this problem ...

I also got an updated from Frank. I haven't checked the changes yet, but I assume the old one was incorrect - this file is still quite a mystery to me overall. There is a slight chance that Frank already has fixed the wrong tool call with 't', and if not, I can at least try to find out what is going wrong there.

Download link is now in the first message.

I feel a bit uncertain if this is ready yet for the official pak set page. With one vehicle, it doesn't really qualify as playable, does it? Maybe wait a bit, and see how I get along with development.


Just in theory, it would need one vehicle for each cargo type to be considered playable, I'd think.
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So far I'd call the release only a preview.

And I've been working on simple stations for the power trails - totally tubular ones.

Actually they are a bit big, but then, they blend in well, so I guess it's alright.


They are a bit big, but if you think of them as cargo rail guns, hehe... they look cool.
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Quote from: Hajo on October 31, 2010, 05:11:58 PMActually they are a bit big, but then, they blend in well, so I guess it's alright.

Think of giant cookies being transported on the tracks. :D

(well, that wasn't funny. -.-')


Those tubular stations are tubular!

(and for those who didn't experience the 80s, "tubular" was another word for "awesome"!)


Thank you all for the feedback :)

I have news, pak.Excentrique v0002 has been released!


=> [link lost]

This might be the first playable version. Is has depots, stations and two types of vehicles. In a small test game I could connect 7 homesteads and make some profit by transporting sprites.

Changes since v0001

- Replaced bulldozer symbol by energy ball.
- Added a few new tree type objects.
- Added a new industrial type city building.
- Included new with corrections from Frank.
- Partially cleaned up ground and water tiles.
- Partially cleaned up power trail tiles.
- Added new construction site graphics.
- Changed "outside map" graphics.
- Added shark wagon.
- Added tubular car stop.
- Added a new industrial city building.

Known problems

- Shark wagons float besides the track in one diagonal direction.


Still getting that error about Tried copying the config directory from the pak64 directory, but it still doesn't work for me. I'm running 102.2.2 for Linux.
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Absolutely fantastic  8) 8) Got to try it... Want to try it... But no time... :( -- I love the name 'Skysparks' as a city name. Are there other names like this in this pak?
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I'm really clueless what could be the problem about the file. Currently I can only test on Windows, and only XP there ... but it works on both of my computers. I just packed the files into the zip and assumed they will work as well for other people. I used Simutrans 102.2.2 for development, too, so that should not be a problem.

The from pak64 should work, I think. Maybe it builds a bit different cities, but that would not be a real problem. I do not understand though why it causes a problem either. Upper/lowercase in filename, user/access rights ... if those are correct, I'm out of ideas.

Maybe one of the Simutrans veterans could try and see if it works on their system, or even find out what is the problem here? I was away from Simutrans too often and too long in the past years to really know.


Yes, I tried to make city lists in Englisch and German, with names matching the theme. I was about to ask for help with the English file, though, since I think a native speaker can come up with better names.

Thanks for the encouraging words, that helps to stay motivated :)


Try the attached version, please.
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Would someone like to help with pak.Ecxentrique? Do we have music fans here?

I could use some help with creating the industries ;D

Without revealing too much I'd need these:

- A drum kit (normal position).
- A guitar (drawn in about the position as a musician would hold it while playing).
- A trumpet (lying, diagonally. Maybe with the horn southwards).

They do not need to be in a particular scale. I guess 3x3 (144x72 pixel) should be good as a size. High contrast, specular, polished light effects. Can have additional inner light effects. Typical aspects of the instruments can be exaggerated much, if someone has an artistic mind and hand for such.

Edit: Instead of the trumpet, some sort of horn or related instrument will do as well, if you want to help and like another instrument better.

Edit 2: In the German forum, Rainer strongly suggested to make all pak sets open source. Prissi pointed out that he suggests the Artistic License for pak sets. While I must check files and clean up a bit first, I think going open source with pak48.Excentrique will be the best in long term. That means, contributors must agree to have their works released as open source. I'm not quite decided about the license yet, but since Simutrans and pak64 are released under the Artistic License, I think I'll stick with that until people give me good reasons not to.

Edit 3: Current state of the set is, that I'm ready to release sources for all files but most of the "cursor", "symbol" and "smoke" type paks. Those I have borrowed from pak.Hajo, as pak files. The mentioned "long term" above means to build replacements for those files in 48er scale and get rid of the borrowed paks. Maybe I can release the set earlier, with the sources, and a section of the borrowed pak files in binary form. This would allow other people to help replacing these. Please let me know what you think will be the best way to continue with pak48.Excentrique.


Quote from: DirrrtyDirk on November 03, 2010, 10:49:37 PM
Try the attached version, please.
I put it in pak48.Excentrique/config/ and tried to run it, and got the same error.

Update: Deleted the pak dir and unzipped it again, and it works. My stupid fault for unzipping the new version over the first release. Running fine. Looks good. :)
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I've been working on a sort of railroad track. I'm not quite convinced of the design, also I'm not quite decided how to name it yet. But I thought it's complete enough to release a preview screenshot.

[link lost]

Edit: I've colored the former version green, and made a stronger sort of rail, too, for heavier and/or higher speed vehicles.

[link lost]


maglev, magical levitation


It look like dinosaur bones.



Yes, very nice boneway!! It looks very... excentrique! :P


At some point I'll need a new station design for the rail type ways, but for the moment I have recycled the stations which I made already for the powertrail:

[link lost]

Recycled stations are green, of course ;D


I wonder if "Dynobone Magnatrail" would be a good idea to name it ...


I like it, except for the switching tiles. I think they look cluttered. They would look better open, like the rest of the track, i.e., without the overlapping stuff in the middle that looks like it would block passage.
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you could put something different in those switching tiles too, like a disc or sphere or a dinosaur bone Stonehenge. Or completely different, a circular gate at every connection while you keep the rest of the tile empty. Then it would be like flying from one tube into another.

The name sounds good.


Yes, the switches have too many elements. I'll see if I can find something simpler that doesn't look so cluttered.


Finally, FINALLY, I manged to restore the set and put in on Sourceforge:

The sources are in the SVN on Sourceforge, if someone is interested.

Edit: I didn't really put a lot of time into testing this, I was just happen when Simutrans started with it. So there might all sorts of mistakes and quirks in there.


I could work some more on it and tried to remedy some of the quirks:

Changes in v0.11 since v0.10:

- Tried to unify object naming schemes.
- Improved translation/message text files.
- Changed some toolbar icons.
- Improved "Swift Dynobone Magnatrack" T-shapes and crossings.
- Preliminary big logo.
- More city names.

-> Some objects have been renamed, so delete the old pak48.Excentrique folder before installing this version!


Downloading... Let's check how the pak is... Excentrique probably.


Quote from: An_dz on December 20, 2011, 02:22:17 AM
... Excentrique probably.

Most likely  ;)

I've been working some more on it, mainly trying to polish the existing elements, and adding only very few new.

Changes in v0.12 since v0.11:

- Some new toolbar icons.
- Some improved tree images.
- One new sort of tree.
- One new, high level industrial town building.
- Slightly adjusted forest rules.
- UFO type "remover" tool.

Edit: uploaded a new version with a fix for the "Lade Game" typo (as it can be seen in the attached screenshot - I feel too lazy to make a new screenshot now).

Edit 2: I thought it might be interesting to show a few new city elements - Powertowers!


according to a paper (i read a summary on once), excentricism is greatly increasing life expectancy and quality of life.


I need to go more excentric  ;)

First of all though, I want to wish everybody a merry Christmas time, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then I wish you a good time nevertheless  :)

I don't have much presents to give today, but a few screenshots of new city elements for pak48.Excentrique. Please open the attachments carefully, some of the structures are a bit brittle  ;D


Stations are not really what I like to create, but they are needed ... so I've tried and made a first version of a station for the dynobone magnatrail. Well as they say "there is room for growth" with this version ;)


YAY! This is just extremely awesome.

Excellent work Hajo.